Tara Moore

Bio: Author of RSVP and Blue-Eyed Girls and, in a previous incarnation as Tara Manning and Emilty Sage, author of Seducing Adam, Poodles At Dawn,Sunshine & Shadows and two Kindle-only books, Fly Like A Butterfly and Ninemile House. Currently living in Ramsgate, Kent with forever husband, David, cat and an adult son who should have been christened boomerang, given his tendency to return again and again and again, always with his hand out. Currently exploring scriptwriting and about to commence on a series of thrillers. I like wine - it doesn't reciprocate my regard. Like carbs - ditto. Am a protein charged powerhouse at the moment, but I'm not fickle. I remember chocolate with affection. We will reunite - one day! Eco friendly - I say hello to the grass and trees and all things green. Housework avoider. Time fighter!

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